Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Windows Vista Nvidia Evolution

Windows Vista Nvidia Evolution
This is an original Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 (not slipstream) and i thought to make it better than the original... i took off some useless stuff and integrate only the important updates, modified themes and other visual stuff, add new sounds and cursors and finish off some cool light and usefull basic apps to default.
Windows Vista Nvidia Evolution
Windows Version ---------- 6.0.6001 (Service Pack 1 original)
Vista Edition -------------- Ultimate
Architecture -------------- x86
Install Type -------------- Unattended Eng US (windows will ask you only to select your partition and time zone)
Product Key -------------- N/A
Activation ---------------- Activated
ISO File Size -------------- 1,79 Gb
Install Time --------------- About 19 Minutes
Experience who helped me to deploy the performance part with his high knowledge and patient.
Buster67 who helped me with all the visual customization part and brought me here at newage-os.
Psychoses who helped me to resolve all the bugs, problems and gave me lot of apps to create my release.

I also have to say thanks to all the people around the web that i don't know! where i got all the right resources, images etc


Extra languages
Speech support
Windows defender
Printers Driver
Sample Pictures
Windows help and Guided Help
That is more or less every thing..!


All Important Post Service Pack 1 Updates To September 2008 (includes windows Dremscene but not the content pack due to the excessive space)
Because of components removed, you won't need all the hotfixes.
New thinker game installed
Includes All DirectX 9 & 10 updated until august 2008 (latest).


close the CD/DVD tray with right click
New full support over 4 giga RAM (it will depend on your motherboard suuport too)
Open new command prompt "here" (Holding the shift button and then right click)
Boosted up The "copy-paste" action (faster and it won't crash like happen in normal vista)
Take ownership on right click
Recycle undeletable
Lots of usefull tweaks...
I won't make the list, because it is too long!


All the windows services (about 130) are tweaked to improve the stability and performance.


New desktop system (now you can surf and put things everywhere onto your desktop!) You'll find out how...
New fonts
New system sounds (completely replaced) you'll love them!
New cool wallpaper High definition
New cool different themes (aero theme modifed by default, with new icons and color panes)
New startup logo
New startup sounds
New background wallpaper during installation
New icons
New cursors by default
New functionality added at the menu start
New gadget and futures, like change the sidebar color and shape without any software like: sidebar style. you'll find out how...
New option on right click files and right click on Computer icon
Nvidia Nvtry (overclocker tool, change setting and overclock your nvidia card with sample right click )
Cpu Z 1.47
Gpu Z 0.2.8
Completely replaced windows notepad with notepad2 by default...
Acrobat reader 9 lite version, (i took off the startup entry... so now is faster and it won't slow down your pc)
Vista codecs pack by shark007
Java 6 update 10 tweaked (it won't run all the time... but only when you need it)
Flash player 10 (allow graphic accelerator )
Jane v1.57 (NFO viewer)
Firefox 3.03 pus addon and plugin (new spalsh image and new firefox icons)
Unlocker 1.87
NVIDIA PureVideo HD decoder 1.02.233 latest...

Here some information to let you understand this amazing software better:
Download Links
No problems what so ever!
Installed completely in about 20mins. Bootable ISO, Booted from DVD
Updates at windows update with no issues
Runs as smooth as silk. Cant say a single bad thing about this.

I Strongly recommend this...

This has actually converted me from XP to Vista.
Fast Download - Windows Vista Nvidia Evolution

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